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3 Reasons All Marketers Are Becoming Data-Driven Marketers

Being a “data-driven” marketer is no longer a moniker for a small subset of the marketing population. When questioned about the single most exciting opportunity’ of 2019, the majority of marketers cited ‘data-driven marketing which focuses on the individual’ as their top pick. As martech advances, marketers slip into data-science-esque rolls — no technical skills […]

Do You Make These Common Personalization Mistakes?

1:1 personalization is the new gold standard for marketers, but it can be difficult to achieve. Well-executed personalization requires a curated tech stack, solid data, and the dream team to pull it off. While on the journey to flawless customer-centric messaging, you may experience a few hiccups. These blips, while somewhat embarrassing, are red flags […]

The Data Activation Survival Guide

This past year has been the year of the CDP. The market grew by a whopping 71% in the first half of 2019 alone. 78% of companies have, or are looking into buying Customer Data Platforms. The hype of CDPs has allowed marketers to unify their siloed data — but that’s only a part of […]

6 Questions You Should Always Ask Before Buying a CDP

Customer Data Platforms are today’s water-cooler chat topic of choice. Many thought leaders have been quick to sing the platform’s praises, making professionals eager to implement the solution in their own organizations. This leaves decision makers with the difficult task of selecting the ideal vendor. Luckily, we’re here to help. Our own Chief Growth Officer, […]


Why CDPs, ESPs, and Marketing Automation Fail on Their Own

Just like any effective team, your martech stack can’t be a one-man show. Can you imagine resting the entire operation of a marketing department on one employee’s shoulders? The ensuing chaos wouldn’t be pretty. Likewise, it’s unrealistic for marketing technology buyers to assume there’s one platform that can solve all your challenges. CDPs, ESPs, and […]

5 Things We All Hate About the CDP Trend

There’s no doubt about it: the Customer Data Platform is the consummate poster child for martech in 2019. It seems like there’s  a new offering up almost weekly, and everyone is getting on board. Massive marketing clouds and the smallest of startups alike have added their version of the CDP to the mix, but as […]


5 Ways Predictive Recommendations Can Transform Your Marketing

Increasingly, consumers are expecting completely personalized content when they’re online. While delivering 1:1 content to every user across every digital channel can seem next to impossible, bringing on predictive recommendations can transform everything from your user experience to marketing procedure. 1. Predictive recommendations keep customers online longer We’ve all gotten sucked down the rabbit hole […]

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