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Why The Right Marketing Doesn’t Need To Worry About Google

Marketing philosophies and strategies come by the digital truckload, but high-level advice can only take you so far. What aren’t experts telling you? Getting traffic without Google perplexes entrepreneurs. But respectable marketers don’t need to depend on Google. Marketers know algorithms continuously change Most writers and webmasters don’t like to take on the challenge of […]


Following Your Customers Online Without Pushing Them Away

In our modern tech-centric world of business, retailers have been forced to up their marketing game. One of the biggest ways in which this is done is through the careful and inconspicuous tracking of customers’ online habits. When done with the right intentions, retailers can learn more about their customers and their shopping habits in […]


Is Your Brand Consistent Across All Marketing Channels?

Today’s consumers expect a seamless experience across channels. Is your brand delivering the consistency your customers want?  Multiple touchpoints Consumers will interact with six to eight touchpoints before they even enter the top of the funnel. Everything from your logo to your messaging needs to stay consistent across all those touchpoints if you want to […]


Insightful Multi-Channel Marketing Statistics To Improve Your Strategy

Business is all about the numbers. When it comes to customer retention, businesses that adopt a multi-channel marketing strategy achieve 91% greater customer retention than those that don’t. Impressed? Read on for more marketing statistics that will help improve your strategy.  Multiple Devices Multi-channel marketing is essential for reaching your audience today. Virtually all Americans […]

Embracing Customer Experiences For Improved Marketing

There’s a new trend in marketing. It’s one as old as business itself but is refreshingly modern at the same time. Customer experience based marketing has all the makings of a good promotion plan. There are many reasons to embrace it!  What is Customer Experience?  The main thing to know about customer experience marketing is […]