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4 Ways to Effectively Use Your Ecommerce Data

Ecommerce brands, or any brand with a digital presence, are uniquely positioned to make a killing with their customer data. Online shopping is very similar to browsing in store in that we can track customer movements for meaningful insights. But, rather than analyzing foot traffic, it’s extremely easy to see a clear journey from product […]


3 Tips to Avoid #Personalization #Fail Part 4

This holiday season, give your customers the gift of well executed personalization and they’ll be loyal far past New Year’s Day. Both marketers and consumers alike are expecting, and want to deliver upon, a higher caliber of personalization. But, it’s still often extremely difficult to pull off authentic personalization for many businesses. Why? You might […]

Revolutionary Education Meets Revolutionary Martech for Amazing Customer Experiences

Our world is a digital one. Learning has even shifted to cater to an online crowd, with many traditional universities offering remote courses. OpenClassrooms is taking the idea of online, accessible education one step further by making the process digital-first from the ground up. They offer completely online bachelor and master degrees in tech-minded disciplines […]


Achieve True Personalization Using Geotargeting

Standing out as a brand has never been more important, especially when consumers have a world of possibilities at their fingertips. Providing a personalized experience to your customers allows you to rise above the competition and geotargeting should be part of your personalization strategy.  What is geotargeting? Geotargeting makes use of your customer’s location, provided […]

The Big Problem With Big Data

Big data has been a game-changer for marketing. Never before has so much data been available for businesses to use in their decision-making processes. Yet there’s still a looming problem with big data: it’s big. Despite all the advantages big data gives to marketers today, we still need to be aware of the problems created by […]