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Why CDPs, ESPs, and Marketing Automation Fail on Their Own

Just like any effective team, your martech stack can’t be a one-man show. Can you imagine resting the entire operation of a marketing department on one employee’s shoulders? The ensuing chaos wouldn’t be pretty. Likewise, it’s unrealistic for marketing technology buyers to assume there’s one platform that can solve all your challenges. CDPs, ESPs, and […]

Podcast with Vijay Chittoor: How the Synergy Between AI and Marketers Can Result in Revolutionary Effects on the Businesses

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that’s transforming impact marketers can make in cross-channel marketing scenarios. My guest is Vijay Chittoor, Co-founder and CEO of Blueshift. We explore the transformation of digital marketing, and the scaled revenue opportunities that now provides to companies of all sizes. We also discuss how AI is enabling marketers […]

5 Things We All Hate About the CDP Trend

There’s no doubt about it: the Customer Data Platform is the consummate poster child for martech in 2019. It seems like there’s  a new offering up almost weekly, and everyone is getting on board. Massive marketing clouds and the smallest of startups alike have added their version of the CDP to the mix, but as […]

5 Ways Predictive Recommendations Can Transform Your Marketing

Increasingly, consumers are expecting completely personalized content when they’re online. While delivering 1:1 content to every user across every digital channel can seem next to impossible, bringing on predictive recommendations can transform everything from your user experience to marketing procedure. 1. Predictive recommendations keep customers online longer We’ve all gotten sucked down the rabbit hole […]

3 Tips to Avoid #Personalization #Fail Part 3

1:1 personalization isn’t just a lofty goal brands are considering attempting in the next few years. It’s here now, and consumers are starting to expect it as standard for their user experience. The biggest roadblock for marketers trying to deliver on those expectations? Sub-par tech inhibiting their customer-centric campaigns, which leads to comms that miss […]

New Total Economic Impact Study Finds Blueshift Delivers 781% Return on Investment

Blueshift, the leading Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP), today released “The Total Economic Impact™ of Blueshift,” a Forrester Consulting study that examines the business benefits and cost savings enterprises can realize by deploying its AI-based platform to deliver more relevant and timely one-to-one personalized messages across channels. This independent Total Economic Impact (TEI) study finds […]

Blueshift: This Startup Helps Consumer Brands Intelligently Scale Customer Engagement

San Francisco-based Blueshift is an AI-powered company that is known for helping consumer brands intelligently scale their customer engagement. The company’s Customer Data Activation Platform uses patented AI technology to unlock the value of customer data and it enables marketers to orchestrate individualized customer journeys across all owned and paid channels. Recently, Blueshift announced it […]