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Blueshift Customer Stories: James Allen Increases Engagement Through Dynamic, Personalized Experiences

There are a few monumental purchases we make in our lives like getting our first car, purchasing a home, and buying an engagement ring. These purchases are traditionally done in person — but have become increasingly more popular online as consumer preferences shift towards the convenience of online shopping and more established trust in these […]

Blueshift Wins “Best Overall Marketing Automation Platform” for 2020

Each conference season MarTech Breakthrough Awards assembles a panel of elite, senior-level judges, that have personally worked within the MarTech space to pick the best and brightest in MarTech for the year. We’re honored that such a distinguished group of our peers has found Blueshift worthy of a Breakthrough Award. Now drumroll, please… We are […]

Get Smarter with Your Ad Spend: Blueshift Partners with LiveRamp to Extend Audience Syndication

Since the dawn of digital advertising, marketers have relied on 3rd-party data. Now the advertising world is being flipped on its head with the elimination of 3rd-party cookies, restricted use of Apple’s IDFA without user consent, and increased privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA making 3rd-party data risky — not to mention a greater […]


SmartHub CDP Explained: Breaking Down the Hub

In the first part of our SmartHub CDP series, we introduced you to the SmartHub CDP, and how it’s changing the martech landscape for the better by becoming marketers’ one-stop-shop for data unification, intelligent marketing automation, and omnichannel customer experience orchestration. We’ve also covered how the SmartHub CDP is filling out the “hollow” tech stack […]


The Blueshift MORPHeus Award

From the desk of Blueshift’s Amazing Officer Manager, Jessica Weber: Recognition is an extremely important aspect of self-actualization in our society. In fact, it falls right in the middle of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where all basic, human psychological needs are met on the path of self-growth. Here at Blueshift, we have quite a few […]