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What’s the Real ROI of Data Activation?

Marketers need to be smart with their technology investments — martech can be extremely resource-intensive (both in budget and time) to pull off. So, it’s important to be aware of ROI when entering a buying cycle for a new platform. ROI speaks to a broader measure of success and might be less niche than KPIs […]

Introducing Predictive Channel Engagement Scores

Blueshift, for nearly 6 years, has been proud to offer cutting edge technologies that enable marketers to reach the right customers, with the right message, at the right time. Three years ago, Blueshift launched its Predictive Engagement Models to empower marketers with the ability to predict the likelihood of their customers performing desired actions such […]

Blueshift Expands AI Predictive Studio with New Channel Engagement Scores

Blueshift, the leading Customer Data Activation Platform, today announced the addition of Channel Engagement Scores to its Predictive Intelligence Studio, which includes predictive segmentation, predictive recommendations and engage time optimization. The new feature aims to provide marketers with an in-depth and holistic look at engagement rates across the customer lifecycle rather than a single channel. A […]

Leveraging Blueshift and Criteo for Hyper-Accurate Audience Targeting

Advertisers and marketers (and by extension adtech and martech) used to live in relatively separate worlds. Email marketers and advertisers may have had similar backgrounds, but their operating ethos and day to day were very different. Now, as the lines between traditional marketing and advertising have become blurred, teams become more cross-functional, and the catch-all […]

3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Needs 1:1 Personalization

Chances are, if you’re a marketer in 2020, you’re executing some form of personalization, but it might not be 1:1 personalization. Businesses of 5 to 500 can now easily customize comms as the barrier to entry for CRM, ESP, and automation tools has lowered. As consumers, we have come to expect personalization like, “Hiya <<insert […]

New Study Shows How Successful Marketers Are Turning Data, Tech, And AI Into A Competitive Advantage

Blueshift, the leading Customer Data Activation Platform, today announced the results of a new study, “Marketer vs. Martech in 2020,” conducted by Kelton Global, an independent insights and strategy firm, on the challenges marketers are facing with their tech stacks when executing marketing strategies.  The study shows what successful marketers are doing to overcome the […]