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How to Leverage AI for Amazing Emails

Though it seems as if new channels are cropping up every day, email still remains one of the most popular. Almost 2/3rds of Millennial shoppers say that emails influence their purchasing decisions and 81% of shoppers will spend more with a brand if they receive their emails. But here’s the kicker: only if the emails […]

Introducing Magento and Blueshift: Personalized Ecommerce Experiences at Scale

Global brands looking to provide personalized, user-friendly online shopping experience turn to Magento — one of the leading ecommerce platforms built to handle the enterprise scale of online sales. Magento’s on-premise, flexible system makes it a fan favorite for businesses looking to get an online store up and running efficiently, while still being able to […]

3 Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Strategies for the New Decade

Direct-to-consumer businesses have dominated and defined the past decade. Their rise to popularity would’ve seemed impossible 20 or 30 years ago, when big box stores reigned. Thanks to internet adoption, social media, and growing complexity in martech, DTC brands are now some of the most popular worldwide. They feed customer experiences Millennial and Gen Z […]

The State of CDPs: 2020 and Beyond

CDPs were the technology darlings of 2018 and 2019, and it seems as if they’re poised to continue their reign into 2020. Rather than slowing down, the CDP market has exploded. And everyone from the smallest startups to the largest marketing clouds want a piece of the action. As businesses, and more specifically marketing, enters […]

4 Ways to Effectively Use Your Ecommerce Data

Ecommerce brands, or any brand with a digital presence, are uniquely positioned to make a killing with their customer data. Online shopping is very similar to browsing in store in that we can track customer movements for meaningful insights. But, rather than analyzing foot traffic, it’s extremely easy to see a clear journey from product […]