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Blueshift’s Recommendation Studio Adds New Derived Events and Tag-Based Recommendations

We all want brands to make our shopping experience intuitive and effortless. That includes keeping us notified and up-to-date on the products and content we’re interested in. According to Forbes, 83% of consumers expect products to be personalized within moments of their engagement. But for brands, it’s no easy task to surface timely, relevant recommendations  […]

Target the Right Audiences Across Video Streaming Services: Blueshift Extends Audience Syndication to OTT

Consumer media habits are constantly evolving — people are increasingly spending time streaming video content across Over The Top (OTT) providers such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Roku. As the number of “cord-cutters” continues to grow, more than 76% of US households subscribe to at least one OTT solution and spend a staggering 62 […]

Blueshift Product Release: Native In-App Messaging and In-App Studio

You don’t have to be in marketing to know that mobile devices have irrevocably changed how consumers engage with brands and discover information. Purchasing and decision-making processes are now driven by mobile interactions, sometimes even exclusively, and reflecting this shift in digital marketing strategies is essential for success. But incorporating a mobile strategy to match […]