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From Marketers to Button Pushers and Back Again

Is technology actually helping, or are we just blind to the prison we’ve built around ourselves? One minute, you’re a smart, capable professional about to close a deal, and the next, your phone has connected to a bluetooth speaker in your locked car and your would-be client can’t hear you.

One Year After Einstein: Will Salesforce Be Able to Close the AI Gap at Dreamforce 2017?

Vijay Chittoor, Co-founder & CEO at Blueshift, shares an in-depth list of predictions for Dreamforce 2017 Dreamforce 2016 saw the much hyped announcement of Salesforce’s Einstein technology. Taking a “horizontal” approach to AI, Salesforce introduced Einstein applications for each of its major “Clouds”, ranging from “predictive lead scoring” for the Sales Cloud to “recommended case […]

Blueshift Receives Patent for AI-Powered Marketing

Blueshift, the leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Marketing across all channels, announced that the company has been awarded Patent No. 9779443 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for “EVENT-BASED PERSONALIZED MERCHANDISING SCHEMES AND APPLICATIONS IN MESSAGING”, further validating the company’s innovations in applying AI to real-time streams of behavioral data.

Blueshift Awarded Patent For AI-Powered Marketing

Blueshift has been awarded a patent for the marketing technology company’s ability to ingest and understand real-time data to power more personalized communication. The San Francisco-based company was awarded Patent No. 9779443 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for “Event-based personalized merchandising schemes and applications in messaging.” Blueshift helps brands like Lending Tree, […]

Blueshift: The Tech Startup Using A.I. To Shift How Marketers Engage Consumers

Founded in 2014, Blueshift is an industry-leading marketing technology company that specializes in using artificial intelligence to help businesses implement audience-of-one targeting. Using their proprietary technology, the startup equips B2C marketers with the tools to automate their targeting efforts across all digital channels. Audience-of-one targeting, also referred to as behavioral marketing, shifts away from segmenting consumers by demographic, […]

Blueshift Releases Cross-Channel ‘Live Personalization’ Suite

San Francisco-based marketing technology company Blueshift announced the general availability of its Live Personalization product on Wednesday. The new release extends the company’s AI-powered recommendations engine, currently available in email marketing, mobile push notifications and SMS, to mobile applications and websites. Blueshift’s specialty lies in providing content and product suggestions, powered by machine learning, and trigger-based marketing […]

Why Artificial Intelligence is stuck in the backseat

Let’s be honest, on a day-to-day basis, does anyone interface with artificial intelligence (A.I.) cool enough to merit all the hype? Unless you own a self-driving car or work for the NSA, the answer is probably “no”. But that is not to say that A.I. isn’t everywhere, because it is. It is at work whenever […]

Blueshift CDP Adds Advanced Features

I reviewed Blueshift in June 2015, when the product had been in-market for just a few months and had a handful of large clients. Since then they’ve added many new features and grown to about 50 customers. So let’s do a quick update. Basically, the system is still what it was: a Customer Data Platform that includes predictive […]

Blueshift launches AI-Powered Cross-Channel Visual Customer Journey Builder

The personalization platform is employing its AI to better respond to specific customers and would-be customers. Personalization platform Blueshift is today launching AI-powered customer journeys that move its targeting from user segments to individuals, and its focus from single campaign responses to continuous customer journeys. Blueshift provides personalized marketing through content recommendations, email marketing, and, for mobile devices, push […]

Blueshift Named to the Data-First 50 List for AI-Powered Business Applications by Wing Venture Capital

Welcome to our inaugural list of AI-powered Data-First business applications. It highlights 50 innovative, venture-backed startups in America that have set out to reinvent the $150BN-plus market for business applications using a powerful combination of data-centric strategies and artificial intelligence. The original business application software paradigm, led by companies such as Oracle and SAP, produced […]