Blueshift product updates for August 2018

August Blueshift Product Updates: Organization, Personalization, Deliverability

Blueshift is committed to making the brands and marketers who use Blueshift better at meeting the needs of their customers. One of the ways we do that is by constantly improving the Blueshift platform based on direct feedback from every customer and combining that with our relentless practice of staying in sync with the needs of marketers as a whole.

This month we’re sharing our latest product updates that help teams (1) better collaborate and stay organized, (2) deliver 1:1 personalized images in emails, and (3) ensure deliverability isn’t a concern.

1. Improved Organization

As teams and their needs grow, keeping track of assets, templates, recommendations, segments, etc can become a headache… and having to search and re-search for certain assets is just tedious.

advanced filtering capabilities to every part of the Blueshift platform

We have recently introduced advanced filtering capabilities to every part of the Blueshift platform. The best part: these filters are persistent across your session, making you work faster by only focusing on the info you need within campaigns, templates, segments, and customer views.

And for teams, these filtered views can be shared. Keeping internal and external teams focused on the tasks at hand while improving collaboration. (while at first glance this might seem like a small addition, once you start using it you will wonder why EVERY tool you use doesn’t have this ability.)

You might have “99 Problems”, but Organization “ain’t one”… with Blueshift.

Read more about it here –>

2. Taking Personalization to the NEXT Level

Standard personalization just doesn’t cut it anymore. At Blueshift, we are committed to making sure every customer of every brand that uses our platform receives the best personalized user experience available. And it’s those detailed touches that will help you keep your customers longer. (Can someone say retention and loyalty!?)

Our latest addition to this personalization commitment: Image Personalization!

Our latest addition to this personalization commitment: Image Personalization

What if you could wish someone a happy birthday, not only in a cookie-cutter email but with an image that actually has their name included, with the same level of font and creative control you have with any photoshop file? (see image above) Or how about running a timed deal for different people at different times and you want to include an actual countdown timer that shows the actual amount of time left (in the email itself)? Or, simply including your latest images from Instagram automatically in your email (great for travel, food, and customer lifestyle brands).

Expect more from your personalization platform. (Or, just use Blueshift)

No need to imagine it! Contact Us to learn more!


3. Tackling Deliverability Head On

Worried if your emails are even making it past SPAM filters? Do you already know you have issues with deliverability? Wondering where to turn?

BLueshift works with industry best deliverability experts like 250ok and Inbox Pros

If you’re a Blueshift customer and have brought over your deliverability concerns from your old, legacy marketing platforms, have no fear! We have premiere partnerships with 250ok and Inbox Pros, the leading deliverability firms who the worlds top brands have come to rely upon. (They’re like the superheroes of deliverability!)

Why should deliverability still be something you commit time (and budget) to? The answer is simple… no matter how great a campaign, offer, or a piece of creative, if it doesn’t make it into the inbox, it doesn’t matter. (period)

From our friends over at InboxPros, here are the questions to first ask when it comes to deliverability:

  1. Is our infrastructure appropriately aligned with our sending practices?
  2. Do we need a subdomain? Is our current subdomain sending affecting our overall reputation?
  3. We have a new IP, is an IP warming plan something we need?
  4. Is a shared or dedicated IP best for our reputation based off of our sending volume?
  5. Do we have the proper email authentication in place (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC)?
  6. Are we hitting spam traps and filters?
  7. Do we know what each ISP specifically looks for when sending email?

Make deliverability horror stories a thing of the past with Blueshift.

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